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You desperately want a Wikipedia page. And you've thought about writing one. Or you've already tried, maybe even several times.
Along the way you learned that Wikipedia is a bureaucracy stuffed with politics and complex rules.
Which is why I'm here to help you find your way, just like I helped these clients of mine:
"Quality work, Quick turnaround, Flexible when project-scope changed. What more can one ask for? I will use him again."
"Chris is an extremely gifted writer. He was a pleasure to work with and delivered a wonderful product. I will be working with him again."
"Christopher is the best freelancer I have ever worked with on Upwork. Quality of work is superb and finished everything on a short deadline."
"Christopher was one of the most exceptional freelancers I have had the opportunity to work with."
Your page can have the kind of content that a Wikipedia editor wants to see. It can read with a tone that doesn't earn you the dreaded promotional or advertising warning. It can feature sources that the editors view as qualified and that establish notability.

Best of all, you can know before you get too deep into the process whether you have a good shot at being approved. You'll be making an informed decision with the potential to save money in the long run.
You may be thinking: "How do I know you won't tell me what I want to hear just to get my money? Can you be trusted?"
And the answer is simple: Look at my profile. I have jobs at a handful of price points. My rates have changed over time, but smaller project amounts usually mean I've been upfront with those clients about their pages' chances. As a result, many of them decided to pause their projects until the conditions were better.
That's right, I'm willing to leave money on the table and sacrifice future work by being honest about your project. Picture a freelancer, who feeds his family based on how much he earns per contract, telling you the truth and knowing it could cost him extra $$$. Crazy, right?
But that's what you get when we work together. You'll have the most informed opinion and the confidence you're not being taken for a ride.
Imagine your top pieces of media analyzed and dissected in a way that helps you CLEARLY wrap your head around what Wikipedia expects from your press.
Imagine not writing your text but having it taken care of for you. (Don't worry, there's also an option if you've written a draft already.)
Imagine your text looking like a REAL Wiki page but WITHOUT having to deal with the technical mumbo-jumbo.
Imagine receiving high quality advice so your text is the best, strongest text it can be!
"What kind of pages do you write? Does your experience cover what I need?"
Yes! I can help you with any Wikipedia page:

  • Artist page
  • Musician page
  • Author/Writer page
  • Founder/CEO page
  • Business page/Company page
  • Startup page
  • Corporate page
  • Brand page
  • Personal bio page

And if you want to write more than one page?
My experience can help you write several Wikipedia articles. Two, three, ten--your projects receive the same quality care and upfront honesty every time.
"I've never used Upwork before, and I don't want to throw all my money at these pages while I'm still learning the process."
No worries! If you want to "dip your toe into the water," I'll help you write a draft or two to get you more comfortable. Once you've gone through the process and feel at ease, we can write the other projects if you wish.
Plus, it's another way to save you money!
Or maybe you submitted pages before and they were deleted or declined. You worry it might hurt you today and you'd really like an expert's advice before venturing into the Wikipedia waters again.
You can use my years of experience on hundreds of Wikipedia projects to get a handle on your situation and decide your next steps.
Or perhaps you view Wikipedia as a stepping stone on the way to achieving something else.
For example, maybe you want to get verified on Instagram.
Or increase your odds of getting a Google Knowledge Panel.
Or strengthen your online presence and legacy.
Or gain more prestige.
No matter your reason, I'm here to help!
Wikipedia page creation is a PROCESS. You can have a veteran guide to help you navigate each step. Together, we'll increase your chances of seeing you or your company on a stable, thriving Wiki page.
When you're ready to move forward, get in touch by clicking one of the buttons above. Send me any questions you may have. No question is too small! Let's chat about getting your Wiki page done.

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