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Email Mailboxes are not just a means of communication. Over the years they have become the Storage of most critical business information. With sales contracts, accounting records, marketing Materials, business contacts, approvals, notifications, etc, all being stored in digital format in form of Email, it has become increasingly important for all of us to backup all emails communications. The traditional methods of backup include backing up mailbox files (.pst) downloaded on local Machine of each individual user. However this method of backup is cumbersome and not foolproof. Following are few problems with traditional backup techniques

  1. Individual backup and scalability

In traditional mailing system the emails are downloaded to each user’s local machine. These Emails have to be backed up from individual user’s local machine only. This process is Complex and error prone. Administrators not only have to back up the mailboxes but also Need to store the mailboxes individually in a disk drive or tape. As the number of email users Increases or if the users are spread across geography, backup process becomes more and More complex.

  1. Periodic backup

In traditional backup methods, the emails are backed up periodically from user’s local Machine. However if the local machine gets corrupted, administrator cannot recover latest Mails received or sent after the last backup was taken. In many cases, users accidently delete The mail. These mails also cannot be recovered by administrator from backup system.

  1. Accessing from multiple devices

In traditional backup system, the entire backup mechanism is based on the assumption that User is accessing mails from one device and all the email data resides locally on that Machine. However, this assumption is no longer valid as users access mails from laptops, Mobile, tablets and other devices simultaneously. It is very important to make sure that Emails are backed up irrespective of the devices used by user to access the emails

  1. Restoration is a complex process

The backed up email data is typically stored on disk drive or tape. These tapes are named Using certain nomenclature and stored separately. When administrator wants to restore the Mailbox for one user, he first has to identify the tape in which backup for the user is taken. Tape is then loaded in system and user’s data is searched and extracted. The restoration Process is complete only when extracted data is migrated back to user’s local machine. This Process is very time consuming and prone to manual errors.

  1. Cost

In traditional backup system, administrators not only have to back up the email data but also Make sure that is does not get corrupt at least for few years. Any physical storage device like Magnetic tape or disk gets damaged easily due to manhandling or dust or humidity. Organization need to invest in costly infrastructure to maintain sanity of backup. The backup And restoration being a resource intensive operation, a separate team is needed to manage The email backup. As the size of backed up data increases, organization need to invest in Costlier infrastructure and human resources.

CSS backup solution

We have developed a backup solution for emails which is automated, scalable and very easy to Operate. It is a cloud based email backup system where all the mails sent and received by the user is Stored in separate system along with user’s folder structure. In a way, the backed up mailbox is a Replica of user’s primary mailbox. The salient features of CSS email backup solution is as follows

  1. Continuous backup

Administrator now doesn’t have to worry about the periodicity of the backup. In CSS’s Email backup solution, the mails are backed up as soon as they are sent or received by the User. Even if user’s laptop crashes, administrator can restore the entire data back as without Any loss of emails

  1. Device agnostic

As the users are accessing mails from different devices, it is very important for back up email Data residing any of such device. CSS’s email backup solution makes sure that all the Incoming and outgoing mails of the users are backed up irrespective of device or client user Is using.

  1. Accidently deleted emails

Since the email backup is taken at server, even if user accidently deletes any of the mails, it Still be available in user’s backed up mailbox. Administrator can help user to restore the Deleted mails.

  1. Easy restoration of backed up data

The mailbox restoration is as simple as a one click of the button. Administrator just needs to Specify the user’s email address and click a button to restore the data back into his primary Mailbox. Moreover if user doesn’t want entire data to restored, administrator can select the Time range and only the mails sent or received in specified time range will be restored to Primary mailbox. This facility is particularly useful if user want to restore the deleted mail.

  1. Backup policy

Most of the times, it is not necessary to maintain backup of all the old mails of the users. To Optimize the space utilization in backup mailbox; you can select a backup policy period of 3- Months, 6-months or 1 year. We will store only the mails from selected period in backup mailbox.

  1. Selective backup

In any organization, not every user’s mailbox needs to be backed up. As an administrator of Emails, you can decide to back up mailboxes of only certain users.


How frequently backup is taken?

Storing emails in back up mailbox is a continuous process. As soon as user sends or receives a mail, it Also gets stored in back up mailbox.

How secure is backup? Who can access the backup system?

The backup mailbox is completely secured. No one but the administrator has access to backup system.

How long the backed up mails are kept?

Administrator can select the backup policy period at the time of purchase. Currently administrator Can decide to keep the backed up mail of a user for a month, 3-months, 6-months, 1 year or forever.

Whether sent mails also gets backed up?

Yes. All the mails sent from web interface or CSSmail NG application gets backed up. However, if You are using desktop mail clients such as thunderbird or outlook; the sent mails will not be backed Up. To back up sent mails from desktop clients, you need to configure email account using IMAP protocol.

Whether junk mails also gets backed up?

No. Junk mails are not backed up

Can users restore the mails by themselves?

To restore mails or complete mailbox, users have to send a request to administrator. Administrator Then restores mails in primary mailbox. User can then access them on webmail or download in their Desktop mail clients again.

In which folder mails will be restored?

CSS email backup solution retains the mailbox folder structure. Thus when the mails are restored, They are restored in their respective folder on primary mailbox. For ex. sent mails will be restored in Sent folder of primary mailbox.

What happens when user exceeds backup account quota?

In case user exceeds the backup account quota, he has to upgrade his backup mailbox account.

Whether user’s previous mails also get backed up when admin assigns him backup account?

Yes. All the mails currently available in webmail gets backed up immediately when admin assigns the Backup account to users.

Whether user’s backup account is deleted when admin deletes his primary mail account?

No. Even when administrator deletes user’s primary mail account, the email data available in backup Mailbox is not deleted. The email data in backup account is removed only when administrator unassigns the backup account.

How to restore user’s mailbox when his primary mail account is deleted?

Administrator has to create user again with same email id and restore the mailbox.

Email Archival


Email is the most important communication and business tool in used by organizations today as it contains business critical data. The growth of email use for external as well as internal communication has created security and storage issues as organizations are finding it difficult to store and maintain the records of all email communication over the years.

Emails have become the electronic substitutes of legal business documentation; the information being passed on through this electronic correspondence constitutes a record. This enforces to retain the email records for a minimum period of time, depending upon the industry sector guidelines.

The email archival is also ensures that organization has a centralized and accessible copy of all its email. This provides additional protection against accidental or intentional deletion of emails by end-users. Searching for email in personal archives on each and every local machine is physically cumbersome and prone to data leakage. Email archiving eliminates such a need whenever litigation support is requested.

The traditional methods of archival include backing up mailbox files (.pst) downloaded on local machine of each individual user. However this method of archival is not foolproof and cumbersome. User may delete the mails from their personal archives before they are backed up by IT team. Also if the mailbox files get corrupt, the complete data is lost.

The cost of finding the electronic records for a discovery process can be astronomical, requiring months of IT manpower to wade through backup tapes. Finding an email record from physically archived tapes is worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack.

CSS archival solution

We have developed an archival solution for emails which is automated, scalable and very easy to operate. It is a cloud based email archival system where the mails sent and received by the all the users on domain are stored in separate system. The salient features of CSS archival solution are

  1. Completely automated

CSS archival solution does not need any manual intervention to archive the data. Mails are archived as soon as they are sent or received by any user of the domain. This archival solution is device as well as network agnostic. The emails are archived even if they are sent or received on mobile, laptop, webmail, tablet etc. Also user’s location does not hamper email archiving capability. The emails are archived no matter if user is accessing mail from outside the company network or within the company network.

  1. Compliance Ready

The compliance support is based on three main concepts. The CSS archival solution is designed to comply with all these three concepts

  1. Data permanence – The email data is retained in its original state without being altered or deleted. The authorized users accessing the system cannot delete any email. The emails can only be searched, forwarded or printed.
  2. Data security – The archived emails are stored in the secured datacenter. The data is safeguarded against all security threats which include access by unauthorized persons as well as anything which could physically damage or endanger the availability of the information.
  3. Audit ability – The data duly protected but easily accessible in a timely manner by authorized personnel whenever required.
  4. E-Discovery

Archival email data quickly grows to colossal size. The traditional archiving solution of backing up data on tapes or disks is inadequate to store such data as well as produce the required email whenever asked for auditing or legal purposes. Whenever a request comes, one has to identify the volume number and location of the tape. Then carefully extract the tape and load then on a liver server. Then search for a particular mail one by one. This process requires at least 2 -3 days with dedicated IT personnel working on it.

In CSS archival solution, the mails are indexed and then stored in the system. Administrator can access the archival system from any browser. Required mail cab be searched using combination of parameters such as ‘from address’, ‘to address’, words in ‘subject’ line, ‘attachment name’ as well as the mails from specific date range. The system will display the list of emails matching the query within couple of seconds.

  1. Download archived mails

CSS archival solution allows the download of archived data. If the data is to be produced for legal or audit purpose, administrator has an option to download the searched mails as a compressed file. Each individual email is downloaded in standard .eml format. Mails downloaded in this format can be viewed in outlook, thunderbird or any other standard mail client.

  1. Customizable as per requirement

CSS archival solution provides flexibility to configure number of years of data to be archived. Administrator can archive the data for 1 year, 2 year or 7 year. The mails will automatically get deleted once they cross the policy period.

Also administrator can specify the user ids for which the data should be archived. You may need to give archival solution to each and every user on the domain. It can be allocated only to select few in the organization.


When do the mails get archived?

Archiving mails is a continuous process. As soon as user sends or receives a mail, it also gets stored in archiving system.

How secure is archival? Who can access the archival system?

The archival system is completely secured. Only the authorized personnel with valid password can access the archival system.

How long the archived mails are kept?

Administrator can select the archival policy period at the time of purchase. Currently administrator can decide to keep the archive mails for 1 year, 2 years or 7 years.

Whether sent mails also gets archived?

Yes. All the mails sent from web interface or CSSmail NG application or uses CSS SMTP server gets archived. However, if the mail is sent from devices which uses their own SMTP will not reach archival system.

Whether junk mails also gets archived?

No. Junk mails are not archived.

What happens when user exceeds archival size quota?

In case user exceeds the archival account quota, his mails will still be archived as long as total archival space purchased in not utilized completely. If the total archival space is completely utilized, administrator has to purpose more space by adding accounts.

Whether user’s previous mails also get archived when admin assigns him archival account?

No. The mails are routed to archival system only after administrator assigns the archival account to a user.

Whether user’s mail in archival gets deleted when admin deletes his primary mail account?

No. Even when administrator deletes user’s primary mail account, the email data available in archival system is not deleted.

Can administrator download the archived mails?

Yes. Administrator can download the mails which they searched for. The search query can be combination of multiple parameters like from, to, subject, date range etc. However search by date range only is not allowed.

How administrator will come to know about archival storage quota status?

Administrator will get notification mails well in advance when the archival storage is nearing its quota.

Can archival mails be auto-forwarded or downloaded by configuring on mail client like outlook?

No. One cannot put an auto-forwarder to archival system nor it can be configured on mail client to download the data

Other Features

• Customizable Branded web login page
• User Friendly Admin control panel.
• ZERO Data transfer/Bandwidth Limits.
• Spam Free Solution
• Effective Spam & Virus protection.
• Spacious Mailbox with Customized Quota
• Large Attachment (up to 25 MB)
• Attachment Restrictions/Privileges – Both by type and size.
• SSL based Webmail
• Catch All Account
• E-mail Forwarding
• Alias Management
• Group IDs
• Multiple Admin Control
• Domain Level Restrictions - Both Incoming & Outgoing
• Mail Restrictions - POP/IMAP, SMTP, HTTP, IP Based
• Mobile APP (with Sync)
• Email Monitoring -Incoming & Outgoing Mails
• File Sharing and Space allocations
• Compatible with Mail Access Clients like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac etc
• Compatible with Mail Access tools like Blackberry, Smartphone’s, phone, iPad etc
• Dedicated Account Manager and Prompt Customer Support.

Process/Plan Data Migration

  • Can shift services and activation within 24 HRs and 0 Data Loss in migration.
  • Creation of Users List of CSS Server before changing CSS MX record by CSS Team to avoid 0 data loss
  • Prompt Support by Direct Mobile Numbers.
  • Only need to update POP/IMAP & SMTP in outlook.

Commercials per mailbox per year

01 GB = INR 750/- + Service Tax 12.36%
02 GB = INR 900/- + Service Tax 12.36%
05 GB = INR 1100/- + Service Tax 12.36%
10 GB = INR 1200/- + Service Tax 12.36%
25 GB = INR 1500/- + Service Tax 12.36%

Backup/Archival Commercials as:

01 GB = INR 750/- + Service Tax 12.36%
02 GB = INR 900/- + Service Tax 12.36%
05 GB = INR 1100/- + Service Tax 12.36%
10 GB = INR 1200/- + Service Tax 12.36%
25 GB = INR 1500/- + Service Tax 12.36%

Data Migration is possible by pst and Imap both ways:

Per GB @ INR 350/- + Service Tax 12.36%


  1. Payment to be done upfront i.e. all payments shall be done in advance for Year.
  2. Price slabs mentioned in this proposal are exclusive of service tax.